Chains for Change (Anti-Racism 1¢)

Coming soon
Chains for Change (Anti-Racism 1¢)

5”x1.5” felt patch with iron-on backing. hand-crancked chainstitch embroidery designed to tell the people around you that you do not condone racism, white supremacy, police brutality and hate.

I will pay for the shipping. I will not take a single cent from this project.

Funds for Families who have recently lost
- George Floyd Memorial Fund
- Justice for David McAtee

Bail Funds
- Atlanta Solidarity Fund
- Louisville Community Bail Fund

Organizations for Racial Justice and Police Reform
- Black Lives Matter
- Black Visions Collective
- WP4BL White People 4 Black Lives (Los Angeles Area)

Stay Safe. Speak Up. Fuck Racism. Black Lives Matter.