BIG PICTURE  -  the planet is covered with fast fashion detritus, so one of our top priorities is to work with and create pieces that will be around for generations.

JUMPING OFF POINT  -  let's get one thing straight, fast and cheap aren't a part of this process.  each piece starts with an idea and then adjustments are made to create the best outcome for the piece.  

DESIGNS  -  all products available on the site are original pieces, designed and created by me.  custom orders have a wide exception for designs, but unless you have permission from the creator,it might not work out.

TURNAROUND  -  i am one person doing all of the production.  sometimes i have a lot going on, so rush orders might need to be charged if you want to cut in line.  otherwise, it'll get done as fast as i can get to it.

APPRECIATION  -  you are directly supoorting the arts.  i plan on making some form of production education for anyone who is interested, with a focus on the up-and-coming folx.  everytime you supoort me, it goes toward the big picture of encouraging and enforcing creative growth of the community within.  


- jeff